CNC contract production

CNC contract production
CNC contract production

The strength of our contract production is our many years of production know-how as a guarantee for maximum reliability and highest precision.
From well-equipped machining centres our production department solves even the most individual requirements. Whether for industry-specific adaptions or customised customer solutions – with numerous optional components we can also produce complex parts.
As a reliable partner for precision contract boring our customers are spread across various sectors:

  • Machinery construction and special machinery construction
  • Aviation industry
  • Textile machinery industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Suppliers to the automotive industry
  • Electrical industry
  • Armaments industry
  • Agricultural machinery manufacturers

We produce prototypes and small and medium-scale production runs. Modern measuring equipment and our air-conditioned measuring room ensure even low tolerances.

Specialisation: Heat-resistant materials

For two years the company has also been working intensively on machining heat-resistant materials for soot particle filters.

Machine park / production capabilities

  • CNC milling machines (2)
  • CNC lathes (5)
  • Special machining centres with five axles (5)
  • Grinding machines (external and internal grinding machines)
  • CNC measuring equipment
  • Labelling, deburring, assembly

30 years of experience of CNC contract production provide you with reliability and expertise in project planning and service.