V band flange

Johne & Co developped a proprietary production process for V band flanges having large diameters (250mm) which are used mainly in large engines.

The innovative production process enables very efficient serial production. For Sample prices for our large- and mini-series, see bottom of page.

Production Process: V band flange for large diameters

    V band flange
    Example: V band flange, diameter of 200 mm - 350 mm

    V band flange

    • Possible diameters: 200 mm to 350 mm
    • Stainless steel/ refractory steel
    • Material No.: 1.4301, 1.4509
    • Stainless

    Areas of application for V band flanges in large engines, exhaust systems and charge air piping:

    • Trucks, transporters
    • Tanks, military vehicles   
    • Construction machines, construction vehicles
    • Ship building

      Sample price: V band Flange – large series 250 mm
      diameter: 250 mm*
      Purchase quantity: 1.000 pieces per month / 12.000 per year
      Bulk price: 16,00 € per piece

      Sample price: V band Flange – mini-series 250 mm
      Diameter: 250 mm*
      Purchase Quantity: 25 pieces per month/ 300 per year
      Bulk price: 40,00 € per piece

      *Other diameters require additional effort and prices per piece will be charged at a higher rate.

      We are happy to provide you with a quote per your request for V band flanges.

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      V band flange!
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