Precision tools for fine and rough boring

Boring and finish boring tools
Rough boring and finish boring tools

Modular tool systems: rough boring and fine boring

The company Johne & Co. produces as a competent partner customised tool systems on behalf of strong brands such as Kennametal-Hertel and WIDIA.
As well as our own Starflex system, we rely on proven standards with maximum reliability, such as HSK (hollow taper shank) or DIN tool adapters in combination with our precise boring and finish bore heads.

Specialist areas

  • Step Drills (axial and radial adjustable)
  • Fine Boring
  • Rough boring

Work systems & adaptors

  • Standard systems (DIN 69871, MAS BT, DIN 2080)
  • Star-Flex
  • HSK-Flex (hollow taper shank)

Consistent quality controls and project management guarantee quick availability and the on-time delivery of our orders.

Our specialist department develops and produces special tools on the basis of their specific requirements. The result is a tailor-made special tool which complies with the component-specific boring concept and optimises your production processes.

Innovation Line

MicroCut™ fine adjustment
MicroCut™ fine adjustment

Die Johne & Co. MicroCut™ innovation line is the result of many years of experience in contract production. All of the tools (e.g. finishing cartridges, fine boring bars and fine boring head) in this line are distinguished by a patented fine adjustment.

* The unique principle deliberately does not have a complex, technological design which, based upon experience, would be liable to break down. It is precisely the puristic design strategy which ensures reliable results and maximum operating times.