Spindle grinding - regrinding tool spindle

Seven reasons for regrinding your machine spindle:

  1. The regrinding takes place on the machine with little disruption to production and on non-work days if required.
  2. Highest radial accuracy of the inner taper due to regrinding in assembled condition.
  3. Highest contact area ratio due to finishing by taper gauges
  4. Lowest tolerances of the taper gauge measurement.
  5. Standard flange contact surface tools like DIN, MAS BT or ANSI CAT can be used.
  6. Reground spindles guarantee optimal acceptance for standard tools and tools with flange contact surface.
  7. Faster on-site service
schema spindle grinding

The spindle cone forms the interface between the machine and tool and therefore contributes significantly to the cutting performance and production accuracy. If the tool does not sit optimally in the main spindle there are disadvantages for production:

  • longer run times
  • insufficient process reliability
  • a fall in workpiece quality
  • higher tool costs
  • a lower cutting performance and as a result poor overall efficiency

Upon request we also grind flat surfaces.

Prevent disadvantages for production! We can optimise your spindle with a special grinding machine which we have developed ourselves. Enquiry