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Johne & Co. company site
Johne & Co. company site

Johne & Co. Präzisionswerkzeuge GmbH has for 30 years been your established specialist for boring tools (particularly finishing tools) and machining of metallic materials. The Group holds over 16 patents in the area of cutting technology.

Using this experience of technology we produce products with the highest standards of precision in our plant in Wulfen, North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany, with currently 60 employees on modern CNC lathes, milling, grinding and eroding machines.

In order to permanently meet the demands of our customers for reliable precision and optimised production processes, we develop our own innovative tool systems for the highest standards.
Due to our many years of experience in contract production we produce practical results with a long lifespan and ground-breaking productivity. 

From practical experience - for practical use 

Our innovative tool systems have already found use all over the world in many areas (e.g. the aviation industry, automotive industry and machinery construction).

Our products range from proven standard tools to complex, specific special tools. Many years of experience and a specific knowledge base guarantee maximum productivity.

Since its refounding in 1992, Johne & Co has established itself both in its competitive national market and against pressure in the international arena in the area of contract production. This has been based on the continual improvement of the productivity and quality of its own tool systems.

The Johne & Co. Group

The four partners of the company Johne & Co. Präzisionswerkzeuge GmbH took over the business of the company Kühn in 1992.
After a successful change in strategic direction in the years that followed they consistently expanded the production and product range:

Company structure
Company structure

In 1997 capacity in the area of contract production was expanded with the takeover of Hörster Präzision GmbH, today known as A+K Präzision GmbH in Solingen.

In 2000 the tool area was expanded with the takeover of Tela GmbH in Horb am Neckar.

In 2014, Tela GmbH was sold again after a successful restructuring.

In the last 16 years a quality-oriented alliance has therefore been formed with contacts all over the world in the automotive and aviation industry and in the machinery construction and agricultural machinery construction segments.

Due to strategic investment in the areas of quality assurance, product and service quality, the Group has in an ongoing process established itself in the industry as a reliable contact partner.