1979 Kühn GmbH established
- The company Kühn was established by Joachim Kühn Dipl. Ing.
- Production of large calipers for construction vehicles
- Technical Director:  Frank Johne Dipl. Ing.

1980-81 Development of the “Rotaflex” tool system
- Market launch in association with Krupp WIDIA
- Developed and invented by Frank Johne Dipl. Ing.

1982-92 Development of the Tool Production division
- Further development of modular tool systems
- Collaboration with Krupp WIDIA in the areas of sales and design
- Market launch of the tools by well-known carbide manufacturer

Development of the Contract Production division
- Production of machine parts for the automotive, aviation and textiles industry

1992 The company Johne & Co. was established with the takeover of the company Kühn. The new management team consists of four equal partners who recruit from the former personnel.

Frank Johne Dipl. Ing.     / Managing Director
Hubert Luerweg Dipl. Ing.     / Operations Director
Bernhard Bauer         / Sales Director & Managing Director
Ludger Krampe         / Workshop Director
Strategic alignment:
specialisation and research in the area of boring, rough boring and finish boring technology.

1997 Takeover of “Förster Präzisions- GmbH” and renaming as “A+K Präzision GmbH” in Solingen.
- Supplier to the automotive industry.

2000 Takeover of Tela GmbH in Horb am Neckar.
Tela GmbH has been producing expendable tools for more than 45 years and has ca. 1,200 active customers.

2008 Development and positioning of the MicroCut™ brand.
MicroCut™. stands for an innovative fine adjustment system which finds use in various products (finishing cartridges, finish boring bars and a multi-blade finish boring head) and in so doing considerably reduces downtimes in the production process.

2014 Tela GmbH was sold again after a successful restructuring.