Innovation & research

The Johne & Co. Group holds over 16 patents in cutting technology with the main focus on boring and finish boring (spindles).
The know-how gained from problems in its own contract production has produced practical high-productivity tool solutions.
In a constantly growing market the company sees itself with selective, strategic investment in research and its own product development as a specialist partner for industry.
When developing new tool solutions Johne & Co. works closely with the faculties of leading universities.


MicroCut™ fine adjustment
MicroCut™ fine adjustment

The company’s own MicroCut™ tool line was a result of this development.
All of the tools (e.g. finishing cartridges, finish boring bars and finish boring head) in this line are distinguished by a patented fine adjustment.

The simple solution deliberately does not have a complex, technological design which, based upon experience, would be liable to break down. It is precisely the puristic design strategy which ensures reliable results and maximum operating times.
The high precision and simple operation helps to reduce downtime and raise productivity.

MicroCut™ Multi.finish boring head

MicroCut™ Multi.finish boring head
MicroCut™ Multi.finish boring head

One of the ground-breaking innovations of recent years is the MicroCut™ Multi.finish boring head.
This five-blade finish boring tool offers considerable potential for rationalisation compared with previous pre-honing methods.
The patented fine adjustment allows the tool to change during the process, so tolerances can be corrected during machining.