Quality management

Our goal is to have satisfied customers

Johne & Co. has made it its duty to constantly provide the cutting industry with new solutions which make daily work safer, more comfortable and more productive.


Together we want to develop Johne & Co. into a company with the highest quality awareness in the area of cutting technology!

“Quality is a prerequisite at Johne & Co. for highest customer satisfaction. We achieve this with excellent products, expert customer-specific advice, tailored and reliable order processing and friendly and service-oriented behaviour. This commitment to quality is understood, observed and practiced by every employee.”

Frank Johne
Managing Director, Johne & Co. GmbH


The quality of our products, our delivery reliability and a comprehensive service are the basis for high customer satisfaction. They form the basis for the success and competitiveness of our company. A prerequisite for this is, besides the commitment of employees, a highly efficient quality management system.


Management and leadership

Compliance with the quality standards and the commitment of employees to the continual improvement of the quality standards are elementary goals for Johne & Co. In this respect the management principles are a fixed part of the company’s principles, which are complemented by the setting and evaluation of quality targets.

The promotion of quality awareness at all levels represents a constant task for management. With this in mind the management of Johne & Co. is committed to motivating all employees in accordance with the specifications of the QM system, to reviewing their activities and to regularly assessing the results.

Customer orientation

The customer is the focus for all employees. The customer orders and uses our products and services and is entitled to fair and comprehensive support. It is the task of everyone to find out the customer’s specific needs and desires and to meet these within the scope of our technical and personal capabilities. Only then will the customer want to commit permanently to us. In order to ensure that our suppliers and contract partners also meet similarly high quality standards, we regularly assess and evaluate their performance.

Continual improvement

Johne & Co. aims to optimise internal organisational structures and processes and to link smoothly with external partners such as logistics companies and producers. The goal of the quality policy is to meet the demands of customers to their complete satisfaction, to offer innovative products and prevent errors.

In the event of processes not being performed in a proper manner, all possibilities are examined to develop solutions to satisfy the customer. Errors or defects are documented and examined for their origin in order to reliably prevent them in future. The measures to eliminate errors are recorded systematically.

The continual improvement takes place within the scope of our quality management system and is supported by the “FIRST Quality” project to improve product quality and the implementation of best practice.

TÜV-Cert-Siegel 2010
TÜV-Cert-Siegel 2010