Tool adaptors with quick-release taper or hollow taper shank (HSK)

Milling arbor adaptor, axial adjustable
Milling arbor adaptor, axial adjustable

We guarantee the highest quality with finely balanced adaptors (G3 25,000 1/min
or U<1.5 gmm), within the taper tolerance AT3, and the boring of all functional surfaces. We produce quick-release tapers and tool adaptors in accordance with the following standards

  • DIN 69871
  • MAS BT
  • DIN 2080
  • HSK
  • Starflex

Example illustrations of tool adaptors

DIN 69871 (Combi shell mill adaptors)
MAS BT (cutter head adaptors)
DIN 2080 (straight shank adaptors)
HSK (shrink fit chucks)

You can find our full range in the Johne & Co. Adaptors catalogue .