MicroCut™ fine boring bar

MicroCut ™ finish boring bar
MicroCut ™ finish boring bar

Maximum operating times

The MicroCut™ fine boring bar with fine adjustment is distinguished by its simple and precise adjustment mechanism. It enables a defined, faultless feed using a standard Torx key directly on the machine.

The high precision and simple operation reduces downtime, improves quality and raises your productivity.

MicroCut™ lowers your manufacturing error rate, minimises the stray field and ensures efficient production within the precision boring tolerances.

The MicroCut™ fine boring bar is ideally suited for use in serial and large-scale production and in the process offers maximum operating times.

Boring range: Ø 12 bis 28 mm
Fine adjustment: Ø 1/100 mm per graduation line
Reversal error: less than 2µ (2/1000 mm) 


  • Easy to operate: simple, reliable*
    • Backlash-free feed in both directions (positive and negative) using Torx key
    • Reversal error less than 2µ (2/1000 mm)
    • Fine adjustment in the region of 1/100 mm diameter
  • Production efficiency
    • No clamping process
    • No measuring loop**
  • Can be read without errors (nonius not necessary)
  • Stick slip free
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to install
  • Long-lasting & robust: 3-year guarantee***

* The unique principle of the MicroCut™ fine adjustment deliberately does not have a complex, technological design which, based upon experience, would be liable to break down. It is precisely the puristic design strategy which ensures reliable results of the highest precision and accuracy with total dimensional accuracy.
** depends on the condition of the machine
*** apart from damage due to improper use (crash etc.)


The MicroCut™ finish boring bar is available for all relevant connections on the market, e.g.:

  • DIN 69871
  • DIN 2080
  • MAS BT
  • HSK-Flex (hollow taper shank)
  • Starflex


For wider bore diameters we also offer this technology for flexible combinations in special tools MicroCut™ finishing cartridges.
Are you looking on the other hand for a boring solution for efficient small scale or prototype production? Then we recommend the flexible MicroCut™ finish boring head (boring range Ø 21 to 115 mm).