MicroCut™ Multi.fine boring head

MicroCut™ Multi.finish boring head
MicroCut™ Multi.finish boring head

Pre-honing is a thing of the past

With the MicroCut™ Multi.fine boring head many typical machining operations in the automotive sector such as cylinder boring can be done quickly, reliably and cost-effectively.

The MicroCut™ Multi.fine boring head undercuts the operating speed of reamers and therefore considerably reduces the cost per boring.

In addition the patented fine adjustment allows the tool to change in the process, so tolerances can be corrected during boring.

The fine boring area is expanded, so that feed rates of 1 to 2 ? per impulse are possible. The movement within the head is aligned so that the stick-slip area can be reliably overcome.

Boring range: min. 75 mm
Fine adjustment: Ø 2µ (2/1000 mm) graduation line
Reversal error: less than 2µ (2/1000 mm) 


Advantages compared with pre-honing tools

  • low tool costs
  • shorter boring time
  • higher feed rates
  • more flexible application:

changing the inserts enables use of different materials
Advantages in general

  • tribologically good surfaces for finishing cylinders for combustion engines
  • high roundness and gradient (compared with one-blade solutions)
  • stick-slip free feed

Technical data

  1. Feed rates 1-2 ? per impulse
  2. Diameter range: 50mm - 350mm
  3. Internal cooling
  4. Combination with pre-spindle ring (enables deburring directly in the sameprocess)

Areas of application

The MicroCut™ finish boring head is available for all relevant connections on the market, e.g.:

  • DIN 69871
  • DIN 2080
  • MAS BT
  • HSK-Flex (hollow taper shank)
  • Starflex

Development status:
In association with leading machine manufacturers we are currently developing the serial production stage.

Planned serial production: 09/09

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